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Hidradenitis Suppuritiva

Hydradenitis Suppuritiva (HS) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the hair follicle, characterised by recurrent, painful nodules and boils/abscess’ that can occur in the armpits, groin, peri-anal area, buttocks, or under the breasts. It affects around 1% of the population and affects females three times more commonly than males.

The exact cause of HS remains unclear. It can sometimes run in families. It is not linked to poor hygiene. Obesity and cigarette smoking are linked but not causative. HS usually starts after puberty and can get worse before the menstrual cycle. There is no known cure.

You need to see a Doctor to discuss management. Antibacterial washes will be recommended. Sometimes long-term oral antibiotics will be prescribed. Anti-inflammatories will be recommend for pain control in suitable patients.

Other treatments have been tried with variable success. Surgery may be an option in very severe cases but will need to be discussed with your surgeon.

Laser hair removal helps and removes the need for shaving. Medical grade lasers are very effective.

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