One of the most common questions in the Cosmetics/Aesthetics, is “how much is the service or product, what is the cost etc. ”  We believe very strongly that what you get is what you pay for.

When choosing a clinic to visit, you should firstly ask yourself what are you coming in to be treated for ?  If you have a query relating to a skin condition, you should visit a doctor, GP or Dermatologist only.  They are the most qualified people to deal with your queries or concerns and you can rest assured that you will be given the proper diagnosis and treatment.  If you choose to visit a clinic or salon that is not backed up with a person who is suitably medically qualified, you could easily be diagnosed with the wrong skin condition and receive incorrect treatments or treatments that can do more wrong that good.  Simply, its like going to a flower shop for eggs…

When you are seeking a treatment that involves the use of machines such as lasers, IPL, Radio Frequency, be sure to make sure that the clinic you are visiting knows exactly what the device is capable of and how to use it properly.  Most devices used are medical grade and are very capable of doing serious long term damage to your skin.  The training for these devices can be received in a matter of hours and you don’t need to be medically qualified to purchase or use it.  We believe that this is bad for our industry and all operators of such devices should have received credible training and be medically qualified as the consequences for a patient who receives a treatment that goes wrong can be very traumatic.  Also, if a treatment does go wrong, the person who conducts the treatment and does not have the proper qualifications cannot treat the damaged areas of skin.

So, why choose us ?  We are a doctor only clinic that specialises in skin treatments every day.  We have a vast knowledge base that can handle most skin conditions and treatments.  We are continually seeking the latest technologies and information by attending professional development courses and conferences and we will not treat you for something that we think is not suitable.

Contact us for more information at 01 676 9810 or 061 395 410.



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