What are Jessner’s peels?

Jessner’s Peels are a peeling formula created by Dr. Max Jessner.  Jessner’s is used for very superficial and superficial peels only.

It contains 14% salicylic acid, 14% Resorcinol and 14% Lactic acid in an alcohol base.  Resorcinol is a derivative of phenol.


Indication for Superficial Jessner’s peels:


Solar lentigines


Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Fine wrinkles


Oily congested skin

Enlarged pores

Actinic Keratoses.



Difficult to overpeel

Level of frosting indicates peel depth

Does not need to be neutralised.

Creates visible exfoliation (some patients like to see their skin peeling)



It stings more than other superficial peels

Toxicity from resorcinol and salicylic acid (this will be discussed with your doctor)

Not suitable for large areas of the body

Creates visible peeling and therefore downtime.



Day 1 to 3 mild erythema

Day 2 to 4 skin crusting /darkening (The naturally darker the pigment in the skin, the darker the crusting will be)

Day 2 to 7 visible exfoliation

The downtime is dependant on the strength of the peel and individual patient factors.


Patient expectations:

This peel is great for a mature sun-damaged skin.  It is also very good for acne prone skin. It closes large pores, improves skin texture and fine lines and wrinkles. For acne treatment either a series of peels will be needed a few weeks apart or the peels need to be used in combination with skin products to maintain results. Your doctor will assess your skin beforehand to make sure that skin peels is the best treatment option for you. This peel while giving very good results can not be compared with the results from deep chemical peels.



Jessner’s peels are €100 per peel.

Contact us for further information.


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