CUTERA® Titan is a laser facelift technology that uses a unique light source to stimulate collagen growth and tighten facial laxity by creating a deep dermal heating in your skin while keeping the surface, epidermal layer of your skin cool and protected.

The result is firmer, tighter skin for your face, submental area, neck and abdomen–all using a non-invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia.

For many of us, sagging skin comes with age: our ability to produce elastin and collagen slows and we lose the volume and firmness that we were once used to having. At Midtown Med Spa, we help our patients combat this natural part of the aging process with CUTERA® Titan, tightening the loose skin found on your:

* Face
* Neck
* Stomach
* Thighs

* Arms

CUTERA Titan tightens the skin using an infrared light to heat the dermis below your skin’s surface.

Due to its unique broadband spectrum of 1100nm to 1800nm, CUTERA® Titan is able to evenly heat the dermis to produce volumetric heating, forcing the collagen under your skin to contract and thicken and causing micro-injuries that trigger the dermis to repair itself with new collagen.

Together, these effects tighten your skin to give you an all-natural, noticeably younger appearance.