With three simple steps you can take control of your blemishes


1. Clearogen Foaming Cleanser.

The First Step to Healthier Skin.

Clean skin is a must in the prevention of blemishes. Clearogen Foaming Facial Cleanser effectively removes dirt, make-up, excess oil and the harmful blemish-causing bacteria while botanical extracts revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

Safely cleanses and balances skin for ideal moisture
Aids in the prevention and treatment of blemishes

For all skin types

Directions: Wash face with facial cleanser once every day. Lather the foam thoroughly over wet skin, rinse well and pat dry. Avoid eye area.
Active Ingredient: Salicylic acid 1%.

 2. Clearogen Clarifying Toner

Clarifying Skin Toner eliminates the pore-clogging impurities, decreases the size of pores, and reduces redness and sensitivity. This blemish control treatment contains botanical extracts, to enhance the skin’s renewal, leaving it vibrant and smooth.

Eliminates pore blocking dirt and oil
Assists in the prevention and treatment of skin blemish

For all skin types

Directions: Use once daily. Apply to entire face with a cotton swab and allow to dry. Avoid eye area.
Active Ingredient: Salicylic acid 1%.

3. Clearogen blemish Lotion

Clearogen blemish Lotion is the most important part of the system. It contains the natural ingredients proven to reduce DHT production and help restore normal oil production to the skin. It also contains Benzoyl Peroxide, to open the pores and kill the blemish-causing bacteria.
Clears current blemishes while moisturising skin
Helps prevent breakouts

For all skin types

Directions:Use once daily. After using Clearogen Facial Cleanser and Toner, apply the lotion evenly, over the entire face.

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